Statement from the Legal Team of William E. Kuenzel

This order is wrong and callous – plain and simple. Mr. Kuenzel has an appeal pending before the Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals. Thus, it is bizarre to issue this order now while the case is still being considered, especially because the order doesn’t even note the pending appeal involving substantial legal issues of “first impression.” Moreover, there is no reason in law to issue an order two days before Christmas – especially to set a date in March 2015. The arbitrary timing of the order is sickening and contrary to the spirit of the holiday season. Know this: Bill Kuenzel is innocent. Among the many reasons he sits on Death Row is that the prosecution suppressed critical evidence at trial in 1988 – and for two decades thereafter. This evidence was never heard in court because Bill was a middle-class working man without the means to hire an attorney. The State continues to hide behind procedural technicalities, when what it should be doing is seeking justice, not a “win.” In this case justice demands Bill have one fair opportunity to be heard in court. We will challenge this order immediately. If this order is enforced, the State will need to answer why the true murderer is now out on the streets as a threat to the safety of the good citizens of Alabama – and an innocent man was put to death.

– The Kuenzel Defense Team, Dec. 24, 2014