Bill’s Biography

Bill Kuenzel was born in 1962 in a small town in Coosa County, Alabama. He never knew his biological father and spent his earliest years on his grandparents’ farm. His stepfather served in the military and when he deployed to Vietnam, Bill’s family moved from one military base to another across several states.

With the family struggling financially, Bill dropped out of school by the time he reached eighth grade and took a job as an auto mechanic, contributing money to help the family cover expenses. He raised his siblings through his teenage years, all while working in a cotton mill and in construction to keep the family afloat.

A youthful marriage led to the birth of his son, William – the center of Bill’s world – and the young family settled in Louisiana. When that marriage ended, Bill returned to Alabama where he found work in a textile factory outside Goodwater. It was there that he met Harvey Venn and there that the events described in these pages took place. He has been at Alabama’s Holman Correctional Facility ever since.

Today, Bill draws strength from his wife, Jane.

Inspired by her, Bill has earned his GED (or high school equivalency diploma) and recommitted himself to God, becoming one of the prison’s lay faith leaders.